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The Uniting Voice for Central Iowa Signatory Contractors


The Des Moines Construction Council sees a growing need for signatory contractors, regardless of their trade, to have an outlet to share information and learn more about the challenges of managing not only collective bargaining agreements, but also the many aspects that union contractors face. Though the trades are different, there is a commonality amongst signatory contractors that DMCC hopes to serve.  This is why DMCC wants to expand its role in how to best serve union contractors in Central Iowa.


For many years, the Des Moines Construction Council (DMCC) has had a presence in Central Iowa, representing both general contractors and some specialty contractors who are signatory to many of the local unions.  In its traditional role, the DMCC has been mainly focused on contract administration, negotiations, labor relations, and at times, sound legal advice. 

With the landscape for the signatory contractor having changed tremendously over the years, the need for education, advocacy and networking remains strong.  Be it regulatory aspects related to multiemployer pension funds; to unpredictable market fluctuations; or to working with unions to address recruiting and staffing, central Iowa’s signatory contractors must cope with a unique set of challenges.


Be part of an organization that is focused on the exchange of ideas and information, networking, and social programs amongst signatory contractors.


We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email, or via LinkedIn.

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